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Polymath is a digital arts company founded by entrepreneur Dr. Simon Mills. Companies need an ever-growing array of digital services spanning every discipline and it is difficult to find a company that can deliver intuitive, elegant solutions in conceptual, design, video, music, web / platform development, marketing, branding, SEO and content. Polymath delivers balance and clarity in a complex digital marketplace.


Clarity, Brevity, Accuracy, and Performance; the rules by which Polymath develops web assets

Featured recent work 

Organic Search

Polymath offers a “hardwired” approach to organic search called Poly-search™. It is direct and instant in comparison to traditional SEO. Once the polymath framework is built and activated, a network of scientifically produced landing pages (Poly-pages™), that domicile outside of your website’s navigable architecture, begin to populate on page one for your targeted keyword phrases.

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The first company to ever offer a money back guarantee for search engine optimization.


25 geo-targeted keyword phrases that place your site on the first page of google search results within 6 weeks or your money back. One fee. No ongoing maintenance required. Enjoy the results for several years at no additional cost.

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Platform Development

  • Concept to launch

    Bringing innovative tech ideas to market requires years of experience

  • Responsive Desktop Applications

    Sometimes a mobile app is simply not required

  • Mobile App Development

    Polymath helps clients navigate this minefield

Platform Examples

Music Production

Dr. Mills, co founder of London Music Group Australia, has written and produced award winning musical communication for over 25 years. Here is a small selection of samples

Video Production

Script, shoot, voiceover, stock sourcing, editing, hosting, and streaming

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